The Russian Company “Rosogneupor Ltd” (“Rusrefractories Ltd”) was established in 2000 on basis of All-Union Institute for Refractories (St. Petersburg) after its division in connection with privitization process in Russia.

“Rosogneupor Ltd” is successor and heir-at-law for refractory science and technologies of mentioned above Institute. Majority of most experienced and high-qualified experts work now in the Company and create the considerable intellectual potential.

Among the main spheres of Company’s activities there are elaborations of new types of refractories for different fields of industry: iron and steel production, non-ferrous, cement, glass production.

“Rosogneupor Ltd” includes:

  • Head office;
  • Scientific and Engineering Center;
  • Experimental semi-industrial plant.

During last years Company elaborated more that 20 new types of refractories, as follows:

  • low-cement corundum castable with spinel, silicon-carbid, titanium oxide, chromium oxide;
  • mullite and silica-mullite castable for different fields of steel making industry;
  • periclase, periclase-carbon gunning mixes;
  • periclase-carbon ramming mixes;
  • periclase-carbon castable for EAF and OHF;
  • periclase-carbon and periclase-spinel-carbon bricks for oxygen convertors, EAF.

Among the partners of “Rosogneupor Ltd” there are world-know and highly-reputed Integrated Metallurgical Complexes, e.g. “Severstal”, “Magnitogorsky Metcomplex”, “Nizhnetagilsky Metallurgical Plant”, Machinery-Bulding Plants, Refractory Plants in Russia as well as other countries (Ukraina, Belorussia, Kazakhstan).

Our major target is provision of long service life of refractories with ensuring its operational performance stability and economy that will enable our Customers and Partners in business to gain real benefits and achive high efficiency of operation, as well as realization of business contacts based on mutual trust and professionalism.

Our partners for refractories production are JSC “Vnukovsky Refractory Plant”, JSC NPP “Voulkan-TM”.